Carl Erik Berg and Alfred Berg from Sweden

Carl Erik Berg and Alfred Berg were brothers. They were born in Husby parish in Dalarna. Carl Erik Berg emigrated in 1868. He took the ship City of Paris from Liverpool and arrived in New York Oct 15, 1868. His wife Greta Berg emigrated in May 21, 1869, together with their daugther Agusta, and their sons August, Gustaf and Wilhelm. They arrived in New York June 18, 1869 with the ship City of London from Liverpool. The final destination was Chicago. In 1900 census the family lived in Dawes, Nebraska.

Carl Erik Berg's youngest brother Alfred also emigrated. He left Gothenburg March 31, 1882. The destination was Marshalltown. In 1910 census he lived in Madison, Nebraska together with his family.

Berg brothers' descendants

Map over Husby in Sweden.


Husby parish in southern Dalarna along the River Dalälven. Many farmers use the good agricultural land.